Simpedit 1.1b69

Notepad replacement with multilanguage support


  • Support for many programming languages
  • Can encrypt files


  • Color codes are not automatically applied

Simpedit could be taken as a simple Windows Notepad replacement, but it's really more than that. It's a complete coding editor with support for a handful of programming languages.

The program does keep the same simplicity as the Notepad, but only in appearance. When working with source code, you'll have a wide selection of tools at your fingertips. Besides the basic edition options (copy, paste, search, replace) you'll get special options for optimizing the management of HTML source code, working with online forms and more.

Simpedit makes coding more comfortable thanks to a highlighted cursor line and the use of a color code for different programming languages, although this one is not automatically applied and you have to select it from the Tools menu. As extra features, Simpedit has an "Autocorrection" option and can encrypt your code with the Twofish method.

Simpedit is a simple yet very handy source code editor with support for a wide selection of programming languages.

Simpedit supports the following formats

ASM, C++, C#, CSS, HTML, INI, JAVA, Javascript, BAT/CMD, INNO, NSIS, Pascal/Delphi, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL, TCL, TeX, XML Resource file and TXT

Simpedit is freeware and a replacement for Notepad with many feature

Notepad replacement with Syntaxhighlight for at this time 21. ASM,C++, C#.CSS,HTML,INI,JAVA,JS,BAT/CMD,INNO, NSIS,Pascal/Delphi,Perl,PHP,Python,SQL,TCL, TeX, XML Resource file and Txt. Crypt your text with Twofish 256 bit. Print header and footer. Preview HTML with the internal browser. An internal hexeditor. Convert special char in HTML-Entities. You can use the PHP and HTML40 help.Autocorrection many HTML tags and Bookmark added. Optimized your HTML with TIDY. A DLL for convert your EMAIL in the Picture file for mail robots searcher. and many more



Simpedit 1.1b69

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